Thom's 2011 predictions are out and D400 is...

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Tony Beach
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Re: Thom's 2011 predictions are out and D400 is...
In reply to lmpmd, Nov 7, 2010

lmpmd wrote:

tyb wrote:

Hard core pro body (more gasketing, probably integrated grip)

Is and integrated grip a grip you can't get rid of?

Yes, just like the Nikon's D3s and D3x (more on that below).

Why would they want this?

More room in the body means they can keep some of the internal components that generate heat farther away from the sensor. There is more room on the outside of the camera for more controls.

Also, consider this, we get constant speculations that the "D400" is going to be FX, and making it DX isn't going to stop people from speculating the same about the "D500" and that kind of speculation demonstrably inhibits the sale of DX lenses, especially the expensive ones -- thus driving people to less expensive third party lenses while they wait for DX to die.

It's just speculation. That said, it could be that the attachable grip concept has been something of a bust for Nikon, probably the vast majority either never buy them or never take them off their cameras; and neither of those are wholly served by the concept -- indeed, an integrated grip is smaller than an attached grip, and most report better UI on the latter. Differentiating the Dx and Dxx cameras from the Dxxx cameras by jettisoning that attachable grip might make sense to Nikon. Nikon did that with the F5 and F6, and you simply can't get the top of the line Nikon cameras (D3s and D3x) without the integrated grip, so Nikon couldn't send a clearer message that they still take DX format seriously.

Is any other company doing this on their $1500-2000 camera body?

Ahem, who said it's going to cost $1500, or even $2000? If Nikon wants to push the price of the "D400" up past $2000 then an integrated grip becomes a selling point, especially for pros using a D4 who want a DX companion that shares identical UI with it.

Some people already find D300 as big as they can put up with and don't want to go bigger.

Nikon has to ask themselves how many who say an integrated grip is too big would simply be satisfied with the smaller D7000? Many D700 users want an FX version of the D7000, so maybe the intermediate sized cameras like the D300s and D700 become the niche cameras that can't sustain enough market share to justify their existence in Nikon's line-up.

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