POLL: Lens Character > Lens Sharpness, Vignetting etc.

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POLL: Lens Character > Lens Sharpness, Vignetting etc.

I own some of Nikon's true Gems, 14-24, 24-70, 70-200VRI (well at least that one used to be considered a gem ), 50mm 1.4G, Nikon 60mm AF-S 2.8....

And i'll be honest, they're all sharp, but when it comes to a shot I dont pull out MTF charts and vacillate over which lens will resolve the most grass in a shot or hair on a face.... i choose the lens who's character lends itself to the look I am trying to attain.

MTF's and resolution charts dont tell me much (ok... i mean i want to resolve detail but most of Nikons newer lenses are capable of decently sharp images). Bokeh and vignetting add more to an images character and to me are more important. I do a lot of landscapes and portraits and so i actually like the look vignetting and swirlings bokeh can add to specific shots.

Lets just say this, I wish there were more reviews that focused on what makes these lenses unique in the sterile digital age.

To me the resolution race is quickly approaching the megapixal race... and i believe there are other equally important qualities of these lenses that arent being discussed.

Agree, disagree.... (Please keep it civil!, and post pics if you like)

Find the lens that enables you to capture your vision, not what others use to capture theirs.

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