G10 vs GF1 vs E-PL1

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G10 vs GF1 vs E-PL1

I know the difference in specs, size, and most of the IQ difference but the question I have today is a bit different. Price isn't going to be that big of a deal as I can get the G10 for $409 bucks, and the E-PL1 and GF1 for $500 even all with their kit lens. I like to photograph nature, and wild animals as I do a lot of hiking and vacations in nature, so my questions relate more to that.

1. I know Oly has the better jpeg engine, but when it comes to nature shots, animals, and that sort of think is the Oly still better?

2. I know the other two can, but can the G10 be used as a walk around camera?

3. Which is the more durable camera? I like to do hikes, go to the beach, go to the mountains, and other similar activities so durability matters. What about on a bike, will the slightly bigger size of the G10 be an issue, or will that be an advantage vs the other two? If I go with the Oly 14-150 and/or the Panny 20mm, will the lack of IS be a big issue on a hike, bike, or drive through nature?

4. As stated I am going to be in various weather conditions, so this related to the durability question. Which one is better suited for the kinds of weather conditions I may face? I know some of Oly's 4/3 camera are weatherproofed, is the E-PL1(or E-P2) treated the same? What about the Pannys?

5. With out hacks, and such, which offers better audio quality when recording in movie mode?

6. How many have gone from a super-zoom camera(pref older model) w/evf, which they used consistently, to the E-PL1, or GF1, and found they could live/deal without evf.

Thank you, this should help me figure out what to get in the end.

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