S95-induced DSLR Soul Searching

Started Sep 28, 2010 | Discussions thread
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S95-induced DSLR Soul Searching
Sep 28, 2010

Hi everyone. So I'm really struggling with something, and I'm interested in getting your views.

I've just wrapped up 2 years with a digital SLR (Nikon D40 - sold it while the selling's still good). It has been a great experience. Before this I always had Canon digital elphs, which were convenient and took great snaps. But I was going to have my first child, and decided it was time to get serious. From my daughter's birth till now when she's almost 2, I've enjoyed taking pictures with the camera, and I've impressed my friends and family with some stunning portraits that I know would have been difficult to create without an SLR (for speed given the moving baby), RAW images, and Adobe Lightroom (so fun, and powerful!).

Now, I have my second baby coming, so I've decided to "upgrade" as my DSLR was feeling a bit old, and as I've been taking movies with my iPhone and really thought it was time for some better quality clips. However, my wife (ah, isn't that always the way it goes - she's so much smarter than me!) has challenged the idea that I should get another DSLR.

On the one hand, I did actually take the SLR around a lot more than I initially thought I would - I'm just a regular guy with a hobby, and I was concerned I wouldn't really want to lug around an SLR when I was used to carrying the compact cameras before. But I did, and I actually found it a lot more fun to take photos with the SLR. And I also really enjoyed the post-processing with RAW images. But what my wife points out is that I never really DO anything with these pictures. I mean I take them, and I fiddle with them, and maybe 1x or 2x a month I email a few to friends and family (at very low resolution!). So she argues, why not just have another pocket camera? Aren't the new ones great now? And given the release of the Canon S95, indeed they are! And with great video, too!

So I ask myself - seriously, why? Why do I need this SLR? What are these pictures for, actually? Certainly a camera like the S95 can take great snaps to share with family. The only other thing I really enjoy about the pictures after they are taken, is every few months looking through them with my wife and reminiscing about how our child has grown.... do these pictures really need that "SLR edge"? Yes, I enjoy taking the photos more with the SLR, but sometimes when I'm taking these pictures I often wonder if I shouldn't just be enjoying the moments rather than fiddling with lenses and settings. And there were many times when I didn't have the camera with me due to its size/bulk.

I know this is a common debate, but I am really struggling with this. I have a desire to run over to Best Buy and grab a new SLR (perhaps the Nikon 3100 or the Canon T2i) - but I just can't seem to figure out WHY, and if that's the case, then perhaps I should save a few hundred dollars, get the S95, and have it with me all the time. I could still play with RAW images, and things like the aperture and shutter speed... but I know it just won't feel the same. Does that matter? Have you all struggled with this?

It doesn't help that the 10% coupon expires in a couple days, and there's a special on square trade warranties today only (30% off)... Also, I've been thinking about this so much over the past week I just want to resolve the debate. Any input would really be appreciated!

Please take this in the context that I'm still in grad school, so money is an issue. I know it would be great to have both types of camera, but I really just can't afford it. So for now, this is a decision I need to make.

Sorry for such a long post - you can see I'm struggling!

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