Rebadges and Rehashes - is this the best Leica could do?

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Re: Rebadges and Rehashes - is this the best Leica could do?

ncsakany wrote:

Rebadges of Panny cameras and cosmetic rehashes of older models? Am I the only one feeling let down here?

I do sympathize, very much so, but I seriously ask myself: Why are you surprised about the "Basel Watch Expo" sales pitch, and what makes you believe that it is realistic to expect innovation from Leica?

The "Basel Watch Expo" sales pitch is really nothing new, they have served paraphiliacs with cosmetically enhanced versions of Leica cameras since the 1930's.

And innovation would be deadly for a company whose marketing narrative is that their products hold their value: This wouldn't work if there's a new and improved version every other year, which holds double for objects of conspicuous consumption.

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