Why I perfer Optical VF over EVF its not all in the technology

Started Sep 24, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Why I perfer Optical VF over EVF its not all in the technology
Sep 24, 2010


I know that there are many here that welcome the EVF viewfinder with the technology improving all the time and all reports they are getting pretty good. However, I think that looking through a EVF no matter how good, is like loosing a connection with the world that I am immersed in. I believe that I am not on my own in my thoughts. I feel that a lot of the EVF advocates don't fully comprehend this and possibly sony for that matter as well.

I Know that this may be old school thinking; believe me I love technology and the benefits that it has given photography. But for me and I guess for many other OVF advocates as well, there is more to photography than just getting the image. It is about being immersed.

The view through the lens via OVF can sometimes magnify this immersion and gives a unique power to the photographer to amplify a particularly wonderful part of a bigger scene to see something that is to the photographers eyes amazing. This is true whether is photographing your kids, an insignificant insect or the grand canyon just before sunset.

I know that EVF can do all that and see what the OVF sees, however there is a loss no matter how good EVF's become. The loss is because the image is not REAL. It is what you would see if you took the photo and put it on your computer screen. It's a representation.

In this loss there is a certain feel for the light and the scene itself that is gone. The loss of being able project yourself through the lens into a real a world. Like, why travel when you can see it on TV, right!.

I know that some EVF supporters may not understand this and that is OK by me. However, if this is the trend that is encouraged companies and by many eager aspiring young photographers, it is sad.


Sigh the OVF will possibly die.

And you never got it;

Its like having sex wearing a bloody condom. You get the shot for sure, but its just not the real thing, you lose pleasure getting there. Sure its safe, but it don't feel natural. Its another thing imposed on us that departs us further from real deal.

I feel sorry for you guys that don't get it, But I guess what you never experienced you will not miss.

When I take a photo of my daughter blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, I want to see the real thing while I'm taking a photo, not looking at some bloody LCD screen showing me the exact same image that I will see on my computer screen many times over for the rest of my life. However, realizing that I did not in reality see her blow the candles out at that moment I took the photo, but just saw a live view tv screen.

I am not anti EVF, but I am pro EVF either, I want a camera with an OVF so that I can see the real world through my camera, not an artificial representation of it. EVF at best to me is a good accompaniment to an OVF, not a replacement.

I would like to see the technologies coexistent, but I think that we, as consumers will be brainwashed to accept that this is better because of what it has to offer, which is an area of reason to upgrade that = $$ to multinational corporations.


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