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Re: You may pay $1099 for the 60D, if you have more money than brains
In reply to Bannor, Sep 17, 2010

Bannor wrote:

T3 wrote:

Bannor wrote:

That may be true. However, I quoted what was available - 'new' if possible. Don't shoot the messenger.

No, we need to shoot the messenger because his message is completely erroneous. Please look at the list price of each model compared to the list price of the previous model to discern if the price of the newer model has gone up or down. It's as simple as that.

WHY should I look at a list price if it's NOT the price I will have to pay at the till? I don't care what the price was 3 years ago! It is not relevant to me NOW.

The older model is always going to be cheaper because it's been discounted over the course of its time on the market and sitting on store shelves.

It's like a bakery charging $2 for a freshly baked loaf of bread in the morning, but by the end of the day the remaining bread is discounted down to $1. The next day, they bake a new batch of fresh bread and sell it for $2, just like they did with the previous new batch of fresh bread. Then, a pinhead like yourself comes in, looks at the price of the new bread, compares it to the price of the old bread, and then complains, "Why does the new bread ALWAYS seem to cost more than the old?"

Well, of course it's going to "cost more" compared to the old bread...because the old bread has been discounted! But the new bread is not any more expensive than the last batch of new bread! $2 the first time, $2 the second time. The same applies to cameras. The old cameras that have been sitting on the store shelves have been discounted, just like the old bread. But the new batch of cameras is no more expensive than the previous new batch of cameras! Even a child should be able to understand this. Stop embarrassing yourself.

If you want the old bread for less money, go ahead and by the old bread for less money. Likewise, if you want the old camera for less money, go ahead and by the old camera for less money. But that does not mean that every new model keeps getting more expensive than the last model. Again, look at the prices when each model was introduced (in other words, when it was the "new fresh bread"):

300D: $899
350D: $899
400D: $799
450D: $799
500D: $799

10D: $1499
20D: $1499
30D: $1399
40D: $1399
50D: $1299
60D: $1099

As any reasonable and marginally intelligent person can see, each new model is not getting more expensive than the previous model.

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