85mm f/1.4G AF-S, first impression

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Re: A few concert shots

"As you mention, the color is warmer. Since there is not comparison shot, so I can't say how different it is. But to me, the color is very saturate and feels like Canon and Sony DC. But I guess you can always tone it down with post editing."

The warmer colors of the new lens are no problem so far, the rendering is very very similiar to the old lens, we are talking about small differences here. My postprocessing makes colors a bit stronger for website presentation.

Also, I have changed the white balance in a few images (the grey microphone helps here) since auto white balance can cause very colorful images (no surprise, it's colorful light).

So far so good. I just need to have a closer look at focusing next time. Maybe it was just my fault (focus was off by just a few millimeters, nothing to really worry about considering the difficult situation).


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