I don't like OS X.....

Started Oct 22, 2002 | Discussions thread
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I don't like OS X.....
Oct 22, 2002
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I'm a photographer and I have a Mac running OS 8.6. It's and "old" Imac G3 366 with 196 MB Ram. Recently I had to buy another computer to work faster (two computers two people) because of my limited buget I went for the new Imac G4 800 with 17" display, 512MB Ram. Its beutiful it even has a DVD burner, but it has a problem, and the problem is OS X (Jaguar). Let me explain:

First the graphic interface feels very "chunky" compared to my old Mac. It's simply not as responsive, by far...

How can this be, when this new machine has a much better graphics card (envidia G4 32MB) than my old one(6MB of Vram)?

Second the folders. I simply don't like the new system. Of course all my PC friends who have try it, love it. Why? because is so PC like!! Oh they are so happy with the "beautiful" tree.

Third the virtual memory is allways ON. This is something I have allways hate of the PC world. They open and open applications without ever knowing what is going on with the memory (Ram). I loved the fact that in the mac system, you could control this, and asign the memory you needed for each application. Now, I wouldn't care if not for the fact that once you start using virtual memory every Mac turns "chunky". I had allready notice this with my old machine (the G3 Imac) If you are new to this, let me explain: Virtual memory uses hard disk as Ram, of course hard disk acces is not as fast as pure Ram.

Fourth: Why is the iphoto soooo slow? I have a Minolta D7i so my files (JPG) are not that big. It doesn't even respond right when I'm scrolling!!

I don't want to hit so hard on Apple, because they are such a great company and I don't think I ever gonna switch to PC, but I espected my new machine to be "snapier", faster, more responsive (to mouse and scroll for example) and its not happening. It's not crash proof ethier, I have experimented a couple where I had to turn off the machine.

I have a feeling that OS X was intended from the beginning to atract more PC costumers because it has so many similarities with Windows.

Like somebody else in this forum said, it would be easier for me now to change to PC because their windows are much the same (of course OS X is more stable)
I don't know, I hope I get use to it. I would like to hear your opinions.

Light is everything : )

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