2100 with Olympus High Glossy Paper

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Ken Schweizer
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Re: 2100 with Olympus High Glossy Paper
In reply to Rotfuchs, Oct 20, 2002


You might want to try Jet PrintPhoto Professional Photo Paper with Superior Gloss Finish (www.jetprintphoto.com). I'm not a professional, but I see less bronzing with this paper then with Epson Premium Gloss. The only drawback so far is that they only advertise 8.5 x 11 inch. I have requested pricing for larger formats, but haven't had a response yet.


Werner Utsch wrote:


As a frequent reader of the dpreview forums i want to contribute my
expiriences with the Epson 2100 and my digital workflow in general.
My current digital workflow:
Fuji S2 pro shooting raw and jpeg fine, depending on the situation
35mm scans with Nikon 4000 ED
Dell Precision WS 530, 2xXeon 2 gig, 1024 MB Ram
Qimage for raw conversion, PS for the regular work (some of Fred
Mirandas PS actions), nik sharpener pro for pre printing
sharpening, Pano tools and Panorama Factory for stiching Panoramas
Olympus P 400
Epson 2100

With this workflow my final prints are stunning and at least as
good as my wet darkroom work for years. Taking into acount, that
for my analog work to be satisfying in a professional point of
view, i had to invest a lot of money for the very best Cameras and
glasses (Leica M6, R6, Rollei 6006, Linhof Technika) the best
Darkroom equipment, doing all film and paper processing for best
control myself (disapearing for hours, days in the darkroom) and
spending a lot for chemistry and papers ---- digital is the thing
for me, but......you should respect that it has its own look and
feel and cannot and should not always and i all regards be compared
to anlog film. There are some objectiv specs like sharpness, film
grain etc. you can compare digital prints from an epson 2100 with a
Cibachrome print but for me the diffrent look and feel and if i
like it or not is more important.

The papers for the epson to print are cruical to that different
look and feel:
1. Archival Matte with Matte black ink
printed at 2880 dpi: Very nice and sharp prints, bright whites, and
a disticnt "Fineart" look - a look one can never get out of a
a good- the best paper to do B/W with
2.Premium Glossy Photopaper, Phot Black:
perfect prints as well, a little bronzing in the white areas whre
thre is almost no ink, but for me that is absolutly no problem --
to be honest who looks in reality in such queer angels at our
prints? Look and feel not like a photo out of a lab but close to
3.As some of you in the forum posted and complained, thre is no
really glossy paper from epson avaivable for the 2100/2200. So i
tried my long time favorites Canon HG 201 and Olympus MP 10IJj3E
Premium Glossy Inkjet Photofilm-- with surprising and outstanding
results. Surprising because both papers did not do very well with
the Epson 2000p - really bad broncing in the dark- black- and wihte
parts, too much to tolerate, even noticable when viwed from the
front. But the 2100 did a very good job on these papers. The
broncing is - just a little bit- only visible in the very white
parts not in the dark to black regions. And you have to look at
strange angels.The rest of the print is almost perfect high glossy
and sharp like a knife (printed at 2880 dpi- just ignore Oly┬┤s 1440
recommodation). The most "Photo like" look and feel you can get
from an inkjet.
The Canon HG 201 is not as bright white (a little red) as the
Olympus Paper is. Both come in A4 and A3 sizes and are expensive.
About 6.00 Euros for one A3 print. The Oly is here in Germany a
little hard to find.

i could write a lot more - but im running out of time now



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