Canon has missed the train and died (SD 4000 IS)

Started Aug 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Canon has missed the train and died (SD 4000 IS)
Aug 12, 2010

Canon is what Nokia is to the cellphone world, or Sony to the consumer electronics world. These are companies that were big at one time, outright huge, in their times they seemed unstoppable. And that's what killed them.

In this world you need to move, and these giants missed the train. What's worse, they for some reason started going in the opposite direction. Just like Nokia, Canon's compacts have gone from brilliant, to average, all the way to miserable. This latest piece SD4000 speaks for all of them.

It's not easy to make a good looking, sexy camera, yet Canon's powershots, namely the elphs/ixuses were for a long time just beautiful. How does this incoherent, awkward, even outright repugnant design of SD4000 compare to that? Where has the style and beauty of Elph gone? What were those people thinking?

But fine, it's just the looks. Had the powershot kept the performance of its predecessors, the ugliness could easily be forgiven, at least by me. But the problem is that the canon compact's IQ - with the exception of the G line - has become synonymous with muddiness and blurriness (the corner blurriness levels in most Elphs have over the past years become just ridiculous). At first the pixel peepers were the first ones affected, but eventually it's gotten to the point, that the pictures display blur and dullness even at a full screen view. Most manufacturers are guilty of joining the stupid pixel race, but Canon is especially bad at it. Cramming an ever increasing number of pixels into tiny sensors is essentially lying to the customers, it's no different than taking a 6MP image and blowing it up to 12MP, and presenting it as a 12MP shot, but some can do this 'resizing' better than others. While Panasonic owners pay with noise, Canon's owners' first casualty is sharpness and constrast. Personally I'll take a noisy but sharp photo over a blurry and dull one anyday.

The last nail in the Canon's coffin: ignorance of HD video. Last year's release of G11 and S90 without at least an 720p HD video was a joke and an insult to its customers at the same time. Whether this was an issue of Canon's technological impotence, or a half-brained, mind boggling marketing decision, or both, we'll never know. But the fact is, that Canon's compacts coming out with HD these days, are clearly far behind and inferior to most competition. To many it seems that Canon has just blown up a VGA video to an HD size, because the PQ is often abysmal, defeating the whole point of the HD experience.

I was a loyal Canon customer till last year, it was the lack of HD video on most of its 2009 line up that made me switch to Panasonic. I wish I could say I haven't looked back, but I have. I hate the noise my ZS3 produces, and i sometimes do go back to my Elph shots and reminisce the times with my SD800, but the moment I come across samples from one of the latest powershots or elphps, I'm set straight and I realize that the ZS3 is right now as good as it gets.

This thread made me write this

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