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Multipage TIFF...


Canonfun wrote:

The Tiff files that Canon Digital Photo Professional makes from RAW files (file--> convert and save--> TIFF 16 bit) has two pages (when you open to view the Tiff file). This doesn't happen with Adobe Photoshop. What is this second page, how can I make Tiff with DP without it and what is its use?

Per specification, TIFF file (doesn't matter if 8 or 16bit) can contain more than just one image. Inside TIFF file, there's TIFF's internal data structure, which (among other things) consist of at least one (or more) "Image File Data" fields. These fields are numbered as IFD0 (must be there), IFD1, IFD2, etc. and each IFD can contain image. Put simply: what you see as "page", is actually IFD entry (imagine each next IFD is like subfolder in previous IFD).

In TIFF, IFD0 usually contains main image. When DPP creates TIFF, it also creates IFD1, which contain thumbnail image only. In this case , by using apropriate tool, you can delete IFD1 section -and you'll get "usual" (single page) TIFF file. You can't (and don't wish to) delete IFD0, of course -because without IFD0, TIFF file cannot exist.

I said "in this case" (meaning Canon DPP case): because, as said, each next IFD (if exists) is like subfolder of previous IFD. Thus, if IFD2 would exist (for whatever reason) then, by deleting IFD1 you may also delete IFD2, IFD3,... But TIFF's from DPP only have IFD0 and IFD1 -so you're safe in this case

Btw. the tool you need for deleting IFD1, is Exiftool ( ). If you're on Windows, ExifToolGUI might be worth to try ( ).

PS: You check the ICC profiles box when saving to Tiff in DP, right?

No, you don't -unless you know why you need ICC profile inside TIFF.


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