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A friend asked me about an inexpensive SLR lens set to learn photography on, and use for casual shooting. I came up with a few lenses and thought this would also be a good "cheap" kit for traveling in countries where you don't want to walk around with big expensive glass (especially white lenses), or when you're on a long hike and want as light a setup as possible. I've carried a bag full of L lenses on hikes as long as 4 days and it's not fun!

I thought these lenses would work even better on a crop camera body as you wouldn't have to worry about their corner sharpness.

Whats your best "Cheap lens" kit?

$80 - 50mm 1.8,
$200 - 28-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS,

$150 - 70-210mm f/4 (I've owned this one and it's pretty good for the money even on my 5D),

$150 - 100-300mm f 5.6 zoom (Not a great lens but gets you to 300mm if you need it)
$580 Total (used prices from Craigslist & Ebay)

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