Why doesn't medium format have high ISOs?

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Socks need at least pairs (part 2)

Due to the 6,000 character limit, this post, like a sock, is part of a pair...

Billx08 wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Billx08 wrote:

Getting back to your S.P. definition of a "second ID someone uses to either support their own position", that's what it looked like when Crocodile Gena and Shull Bitter did their tag-team thing,

They are definitely two different people.

arguing about their pet topics (including "equivalence"), sounding quite a bit like Tyrone Wellhung and displaying nearly identical personalities.

Interesting. It was the glaring personality differences that make them each so easy to identify.

Croc was the first of these puppies

Once you add a new, insulting nickname, I'm quite unlikely to make an effort to follow your arguments.

to appear, and this occurred not long after Joe Mama (Joseph James) was permanently banned, whose website URLs were often shown at the bottom of their replies.

Joseph James also maintains a list of his dpReview aliases on his website.

Curious coincidence, that Croc and Bitter (and now Wellhung) share Joe Mama's passion and argue it just as doggedly.

Not at all.

This is going to come as a complete shock to you, but Joseph James is correct in nearly everything he says. I was teaching what he calls "equivalence" 15 years ago, with examples from 35mm, 6x7, and 4x5. Including the use of different film speeds on the different formats to demonstrate the same concept as we have with different sensor ISO ratings.

If anything, he's the "victim" of socks.

Who is this "he"? Wellhung?


The unidentified Bob?

Again, yes.

As far as I'm concerned, he's much more "identified" than you are, Mr. X.

And who would the socks be. Links could be useful.

Actually, there have been a couple of threads that linked them.

There are plenty of people who create multiple accounts purely for the pleasure of being able to "stuff the ballot box" in dpReview challenges or hit the complaint button so many times on people that they don't like that they get people banned.

None of which is occurring here that I'm aware of, and I haven't hit the "Complain" button.

And if you had, would you admit it?

Actually, the only way he would be exhibiting sock puppet behavior in this thread is if he were also you.

That might be one way but surely not the only way and I recognize the behavior even if you don't see it . . . yet.

the sort of thing that's usually associated with young teenage trolls, fanboys and malcontents. The sorts of names that would rarely be used in real life if they could be easily traced back to the person behind them.

Actually, a lot of people know who he really is, and we don't really mind.

Why be so inscrutable? Are you referring to the person behind Mr. Wellhung?

The context made that perfectly obvious. You have repeated the question so many times that it's gone past "rhetorical" into simply "annoying".

I'm not sharing his "real life" identity with an "X".

If so, might it be the same one that was behind Joe Mama? If so, you posted in the thread that discussed Joe Mama's banning and seem to have felt differently at the time :

He violated some rules and got banned. No big deal. Anyone can come
back with a new neame.

Would you like it if it happened to you, and you could never be known here as "Glen Barrington" again?

That's the great unfairness of how this shakes out. Trolls like "natureman" don't use their real names (maybe they're embarrassed by who they really are). They know they have been banned before and will be banned again (and again and again) and they don't care. They come back under new names all the time, because people hated the last person they posed as (and the one before that, etc) so why not let the last ID die...


In other words, I've presented an argument as to why someone who was cut off from being able to use their real name, or at least a well known name (a "brand", as it were), might get upset.

Joe Mama and Bob both originally used at least their real first names in their user IDs, and they provided their real last names (Joe in his website address on, as you pointed out, most every post, Bob in his email address in the profile from his first account).

As far as I know, Mr. X, your first name isn't "Bill".

Sorry, but you're the unknown, here.

The sorts of names that show a lack of respect or contempt for those you interact with.

Or a sense of humor. Sometimes technical types have those. Sometimes, a bit strange.

Sometimes. I have a pretty good sense of humor as do you, but it's never been in evidence with these puppies, except the forced, false humor frequently attempted by those that use and abuse LOL and ROFL.

Have you ever taken anything other than an adversarial attitude with them?

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