S90 first impression & question

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S90 first impression & question

So I have had the S90 for 2 weeks now. I definately find it the perfect complement to my DSLR. I have been searching for a P&S ever since my SD800 broke 4 months back.

I will say that I am AMAZED at the quality of the camera. It surpassed all my expectations. And it will fill all the limitations that I was aching about in my old P&S.

While I can go on and on with praise for months about the camera, I will point out a few small things (trying not to repeat too much).

1. The battery life does indeed SUCK. I got the camera on a friday night, used it all day saturday, and on sunday i needed a recharge. I was hoping a bit longer. Definately need a spare battery for longer trips.

2. I was very concerned about the control dial on the back. I don't find it as bad as every one says. I have maybe taken 500 pics so far, and I haven't screwed up any. I will say that many times when I am reviewing pictures and zooming in, when I try and move left and right, the dial thinks I am rotating, and switches pictures. It is mildly annoying. Or sometimes when trying to change settings, it rotates to the wrong area. Not half as bad as I expected. Still on the fence about the control ring sticker solution.

3. My one real complaint. And I don't get why no one has mentioned this. from what I read on the Canon forum, there are many concerns when people choose cameras about screen quality and # of pixels visible on the screen. I never thought that to be an important criteria. I never understood the fuss. what the hell do i need such good IQ on the screen for?!?!?! and now that I own the S90 with its 461,000 pixels, I couldn't agree more. I find the screen quality WAAAAY too good. Seriously though, the pictures look 2x better on the screen than when transferred to the PC. I took these pictures and I don't remember them looking the way they look on the screen. NOT realistic at all. I would rather a more realistic screen than being deceived by the awesomeness of the screen and let down when I transfer to PC.

4. Finally, Can somebody please explain to me Flash exposure compensation. What is it? In what situaitons should I use it. When would I want to compensate the flash? I don't really understand that one.


Posted my first few pics. 1st one is funnel cloud over Montreal, the rest are from a canoe trip in the Laurentians (Quebec)


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