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NEX5 Overheating during video...

Started Jul 3, 2010 | Discussions thread
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NEX5 Overheating during video...
Jul 3, 2010

I decided to stress-test the NEX-5 a little today to see how long of a video I could take and see if the battery or memory card would be the limitation. I started with the 1080x1440 MP4 format, which I tend to prefer. I'm using a 16GB SD card. Since I would tend to use this camera to take pics of recitals or plays, I took the video indoors in marginal light. Ambient temp indoors was 77F.

In this mode, I could capture 23.5 minutes in one file (2GB), which is pretty good. After the first round...the camera was quite warm. I pulled the LCD panel away from the camera body to allow it to cool better. I took another 23.5 minutes and the camera was downright hot. I went for a third and got 2 minutes before the camera shut itself down with a "Camera overheating allow it to cool" message. Looking at the video, it doesn't show excessive noise in the dark areas, so at least the sensor wasn't showing visiblesigns of the heat.

Since I'd certainly want more than 50 minutes out of the thing (plays are longer than that), I tried shutting down for a minute, simulating a break between scenes. I was able to get another full 23.5 minutes out (and was starting to get a thermometer icon on the screen). I started another clip and got the overheating message after 2 minutes (file size exactly the same as the previous 2 minute overheating...strange).

I'm trying AVCHD now to see if I get better or worse performance. The good news was the battery was still over 50% after all of this, which pleased me. But the overheating issue concerns me. I mean, I gave it fairly ideal conditions (lowish room temp ambient, LCD folded out for heat dissipation) and it was throwing fits. Put it out in the heat of the day under the sun (esp with a black body) and the LCD against the body, I'm guessing you'll have issues. Of course, I don't think most people will be taking that long of clips under those conditions.

After AVCHD, I'll try to see if I could make it through a play....shoot 15 minutes, off for 1min...repeat... If it can handle that, then I should be OK.

More to come...

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