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Roy Niswanger
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Re: questions about filters
In reply to Ben R.Wiart, Oct 13, 2002

I've done a lot of searching and found you can go two ways...

1. The Canon way with their adaptor, but you'll be hard pressed to find 3rd party lenses and filters that fit their thread size. So you'll just have to buy their lenses (not sure if they sell filters though). Which is not a bad choice if you care to pay big $$$.

2. Go here: and buy the tiffen G2 adaptor (Item No. = TIF-CANG1AD
Product = Tiffen Lens Mount for Canon PowerShot G1 G2
Options =
Price = 9.95
Qty. = 1
Total Price = 9.95)

and then pick up some Tiffen lenses and filters to go with your order.


Ben R.Wiart wrote:

hi, I'd like to buy filters for my G2. I've find good prices for
quantaray filters. Does somebody know if they are good filters?
I don't know which adaptater to buy, but I think I'm gonna buy the
canon one to adapt quantaray filters.
Does the diameter of filters change something? For example, Tiffen
filters are 43 mm and the canon adaptater will allow me to use 52
or 58 mm filters (don't remenber exactly), but does the different
size of filters change something?
I want actually to choose the canon adaptater because it's the
easier to find, i couldn't find the Tiffen one.

About filters, what should I buy for polarizer: a normal one, or a
circular one?
Any advise and answers are welcome. Thanks for help

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