D40, prices, smaller, DSLR or somthing new?

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D40, prices, smaller, DSLR or somthing new?

The D40 can't hardly be found for less than a D60 and the D60 comes with a VR lens. Which contrary to popular opinion is the best thing that's different. Well, the combo of the D60 has higher resolving power. The D40 is hair better, in low light; but that's crap, if it's going to look muddier, IMHO. I would otherwise prefer the smaller 6Mpx files and it's splitting hairs; but the D60, VERY BARELY, beats the D40, IMHO' for those reasons. I also like about four or five little features the D60 has added, that the D40 doesn't, but they are less critical. D40X is about the same too; but it's BARELY the worst of both worlds. If the 1/500 fill flash sync, on the D40, is important to you then look at that.

The problem is, the darn D40 IS NOT going for less money. Once you factor in the VR lens and warranty level (New, Refurb, Zero). Not to mention a old used battery.

The D3000 is a POS. Nikon will forever rue the day; that it put out such trash. It's too slow and the noise is worse. Obviously a ploy; to give the peasants less than their "higher" DSLR's; just to make them look better by comparison.

You know, if they would have made the D5000 the size of the D60, then they might have had something. Better yet, the D90 in D60 size. Bigger; Higher res screen please.

The D90, child of the D3000 and the D5000, while excellent with noise; are actually over rated. The darn things can't take a no-flash picture and get the exposure and white balance correct (by default). The D60 (and D40X and D40) actually looks better to me. Go look at the samples. They say you need a separate flash. Well heel, a large, external flash would make a tiny sensor camera do better than that.

My advice, is to wait for the camera makers to get the get off their market dreaming tales. Perhaps the next "D90" will be the size of the D60 and come with faster aperture versions of the 18-55VR and 55-200VR package. Whether or not they include a internal motor.

Canon DSLR, nope, Oly, nope. Others, nope.

Also, they totally tanked the great 4/3rds idea due to over pricing, poorer dynamic range and slow tale zoom lenses. Hopefully someone will eat their lunch. The Samsung APC sensor dropped the ball too.

Ironically the best thing going right now, is the Canon S90 compact. No, it's will not out do a D60, BUT NOT BY VERY MUCH! Other than it's limit of SD video (but you can sharpen it a bit) and 105mm pushing F4.9. It's a FANTASTIC camera that covers the same exact focal range as a comparable 18-70VR DX. F2.0 and 28mm! The TOTAL IQ is looking better than the big boys. Judge for yourself. The truth is, the big boys, and their over priced camera sets, do not have the best IQ. Yea, I know big spenders, your D700 CAN produce a better IQ; but only in some ways and YO probably can't even make it happen. if you do manage it, not consistently. We sometimes forget the content and not the technical, is what matter the most. What good is the camera that you are loath to tote?

So what do you do for long telephoto? I still use my (lowly) FZ28. There's no way to replace a STABILIZED (fast AF and AE) F4.4; 486mm optical telephoto (DSLR lens only) for only $260. Especially not at 14oz. It's not like the 55-200 or even more costly and heaver 70-300 is a faster aperture! That's 450mm (equiv) compared to 486mm too.

There's also no other way to get what the S90 does, in your pocket.

Conclusion, if you want a DSLR (and want to learn how to clean your sensor without trashing it), get a NEW (for now) D60 with 18-55VR and a $149 (refurb?) 55-200VR. Those lenses weigh less than a 18-200VR put together and perform better.

Plus, many of you like me, are more than one person needing a camera in the house. Two or three lower cost and targeted cameras, can workout better. Not to mention much lighter.

Beware heavy gear; unless it always stays in the studio.

It's about time Canon and Nikon wake-up to smaller and sportier cameras. The D40 series barely qualifies.

Obviously, if not 4/3rds, a maker could build a whole product line around the tiny (but bigger than the others) Canon S90 sensor. You could have one with a TZ7 type lens (or that other Canon model) or with an FZ28 type of lens (super zoom), yielding perhaps 12X. They could even make a pocket-able 8X version that fits in your pocket and has an (optional to bring) SMALL 1.75X tele-converter (to 14X) with it's separate carry case.

You know, that sensor is doing pretty well at ISO 1600; right? Were not even talking about a using any flash yet. A compact Metz would be another nice part of the program. Especially as you could position the brighter (own batteries) flash, SEPARATELY.

If I'm wrong, I want to be corrected; but you'd better back it up; with something besides BS and the price you overpaid for your equipment.

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