Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)

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Rogier Bos
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Re: Sekonic L-758D problems with reflected spot operation (?)

Captain Hook wrote:

Rogier Bos wrote:

On the display, do you see an 'm' or 'f/s'?

Doesn't matter.
Either in minutes or in seconds, it always display E xposure U nder

I don't have a 758Cine, but a 'normal' 758D. So it displays a 'm' or a 's', depending on if I selected minutes or seconds for T.

Yeah, I think this is where your problem comes in. Your dial has been turned so far you are in the film-light metering range. I've done this before myself. If you turn your dial far enough the m and/or s should disappear and you will have arrived in the range of normal photography range of aperatures and shutterspeeds.

if I am right, your problem is addressed in the Sekonic manual ( ) on page 19.

Personally I think it is strange design on Sekonic's part to put the CINE speeds after the regular shutterspeeds.

And, just before you repeat you don't have a L-748CINE, I did read that in your post. But even the 758D has some CINE functions. The 758Cine just has more.

Does that help?


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