What will the 7D Mark II look like?

Started Mar 14, 2010 | Discussions thread
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What will the 7D Mark II look like?
Mar 14, 2010

I know it's way early to start looking forward to the 7D2, but what the heck. Mindless daydreaming won't kill ya. If you're disgusted that I'm even asking the question this early in the 7D's product cycle, just move along. Nothing to see here.

For the rest of you, what features do you expect to see (or would you like to see) in the Mark II? I've had the 7D since it hit the streets, and it has left me completely satisfied. I really have to nitpick to think of any feature I would like to see that isn't already there. What few things I can think of are almost entirely in the realm of the camera's video capabilities.

Below is my list of what I would like to see in the Mark II. Add your own thoughts if this sort of pointless daydreaming is your cup of tea, too.

Still photo side:

The only thing I can think of would be a 'reduction' in megapixels. (Hey, they did it with the G11.) There are reports that the pixel density of the 7D's sensor causes soft images at small apertures due to defraction. While I don't shoot landscapes, a reduction to 16MP (or even 14MP) would still provide plenty of resolution while addressing this issue (if it's even an issue) while also giving users better high ISO performance. I don't really need 18MP and would gladly give up some pixels for better high ISO performance.

That's it on the photo side. I can't think of anything else I would want. Someone tell me something good so I have a reason to look forward to greener pastures.

Video side:

I know a lot of DSLR owners don't care about video features, but they're important to me. I've been pretty happy with what the 7D offers, but, as video is still in its infancy in DSLRs, there's room for improvement.

I'd like to see fulltime (and fast) autofocus similar to what a camcorder can do. Manual focus with an aftermarket follow focus is fine for indy film purposes but doesn't work so well when shooting your kids running around the house. I don't know if Canon thinks it would cannibalize their video sales by adding this feature, but I hope they do add it.

RAW video. There may be major heat issues involved with capturing RAW video in a DSLR body, but I'll ask for it anyway. If Canon offered RAW video at the 7D's price point, they would almost corner the low-budget indy-film camera market overnight. Red will have Scarlet in the near future, but even the least expensive iteration of Scarlet will be $4,700 (last I heard). If Canon could offer RAW video at the 7D's price point, it would create quite a stir in the film world.

Bring Magic Lantern firmware features to the 7D. For those that don't know, ML is an independent project to hack the firmware of Canon cameras to add video features. For more info, check out this link:


No reason why Canon can't do that themselves and save users the worry of bricking their camera.

That's about it.

Any thoughts on what you think the 7D2 will have or what you'd like to see?

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