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Re: Advanced math (and science) skills...
In reply to KEVZPHOTOS, Mar 13, 2010

I decided I should set a few things straight before I leave this thread for good.


So tell us,

What have YOU actually contributed to this thread? What positive knowledge or interesting perspective & insight have you added here?

Maybe I made some insightful comments but you just didn't grasp them.

Answer - nothing, nada, zilch.

All you have done is merely jump on every comment that I have made and then resorted to 'silly' things like "spelling mistakes" which on a quick-typo-response web forum like this one have absolutely no relevance whatsoever.

I think it does KEV. A few spelling mistakes are fine but they shouldn't be constant.

Your age & narcissism is showing - The angry kid who needs a platform.

Angry kid?? I'm older that you! Don't you remember? Geeze KEV go back and read my posts! Btw did you notice I didn't say Jesus KEV :-).

You can now remove the burkah, WE all know who you are

Whatever... you must be desperate and feel threatened to resort to this type of insult. What happened to your convoluted text book speeches? I guess they weren't fooling people any more.

Springbock, (actually spelt - "springbok") hmmm - I should have guessed.

This is the real reason why I wanted to reply to your post. User names don't have to be in the dictionary, but did you really need to be told that, I hope not? I chose Springbock for a couple of reasons and if you want to look through my posting history you will find that I posted an explanation once before. But for you to tell me that I can't make up a user name and spell it however I like is as pompous and arrogant as it gets. It doesn't surprise me though coming from you.

I know why you put KEVZPHOTOS in capitals and so do you. It's so obvious to anybody reading this thread. You just have to scream your name for everybody to hear don't you? It looks like you desperately want to be noticed.

Besides is there such a word as KEVZPHOTOS in the dictionary?

Nuff said...


Nuff said...

Lets drop it here KEV. Remember when you said that I have to prove that I'm right? Show me that you are not what you accuse me of, what do you say KEV?... after all I'm still capitalizing your name :-).

Cheers, shalom and live long and prosper,

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'The truth is rarely pure and never simple' Oscar Wilde

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