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Re: Electrofinder camera

I agree (clarification); that perhaps, we do not need to indicate whether, or not, a given camera is fixed lens or system removable (in the acronym). A simple glance would suffice.

I'm just saying "DSLR" is a common and accepted acronym; for better or worse. It is often used (technically incorrectly); to indicate other features; besides a single lens and a mirror, that moves. As I said, a DSLR can (and has been) done with a fixed lens. Plus, a DSLR many have one, single lens, mounted; at one time (not including tele-converters, filters, and such); but isn't multiple lens systems, inherently NOT, one lens? The other lenses must still be carried or left behind, doing nothing. Point being, the "DSLR" acronym is not perfect either; by far. Yet, it's known.

I would normally agree; that a Single lens vs. a Twin is outdated, accept that "DSLR", as I said, is an already accepted acronym. Even with it's errors.

Therefore an SLE (fixed lens or system; which would be so obvious) clearly indicates the internal situation; made possible by less flange-back distance, no mirror (some other "look-through" viewfinder could exist in parallel) and would indeed, have an updated electronic viewfinder (EVF); in likely combination with fast contrast AF and superior buffering.

Whether the EVF was included, or was an option, would be up for debate; but this would be considered in the benefits list before buying. "E", MIGHT also be used for advanced, electronic live-view-only, or not.

I supposed, everything else would be a small sensor camera (so you have your small sensor super-zooms, for example). "Point and shoot" is NOT sufficient, name wise; because nearly everything, would point, and then shoot; with multiple automatic benefits. See, you would have your old and rare "manual-only" small sensor (or historically film) cameras and you could have rare manual-only "pro" camera; but so what? They would be called manual-only. Which could be additive. Automatic, is a given, generally.

At some point, you have to ask yourself, what really makes a capable camera, capable? Wouldn't size be a factor; when off the tripod? Wouldn't the sensor? Wouldn't speed? Wouldn't focal range? Wouldn't a wider aperture (across a wide to super focal range); in a smaller package? Wouldn't cost? Wouldn't more scene capabilities, beat multiple cameras(and/or lenses)? Then for really specialized needs, wouldn't two high quality and comprehensive lens, with quality, fixed bodies, be more capable than one body?

Just think, too. If you had two, pro, do-all, fixed-lens cameras, with the of highest quality, wouldn't the second duplicate, also make a better backup; for whatever scene(s) that you needed to shoot?

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