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It appears I am not alone.....Again the phenomenon of vertical sweep scratches to the G10 and now G11 lense and coating caused by the sometimes poor tolerances of the automatic lense cover leafs has struck...

I have recently bought my G11 and havent owned a G series before.

I thought I had done enough research to be assuaged that I was making a sensible buy that was low risk....But my new purchase has now got some fine scratches that has rendered my camera useless in direct light conditions.

At first I was truelly exasperated that I had in some way unknowingly mistreated my camera which I knew I had not. Only when I 'googled' G11 and lense scratch it became apparent I was not alone.

I am very surprised that Canon have not altered thier manufacturing tolerances for the automatic lense cover to fully mtigate any varience in production and keep the cover well and truelly away from the lense...In effect the tolerance is so tight that on my camera it touches the lense every time and if any stray debris does get behind this cover it is then dragged across the surface of the lense.

I am partly releaved that I havent been responsible for effectively putting to an my end the full capabilty of my G11 to take daylight photography. Its my hope now that my supplier and Canon are going to accept that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with honerbly by the warranty because what started out to be just two small scratches have MULTIPLIED TO 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

So eventually my poor beloved G11 will be so frustrating to use that that i will be forced to let it go...

Be good to hear if anyone else is as frustrated with this repeated design/manufacturing achilles heel?????

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