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UK Users - DO NOT BUY from Campkins Cameras, Cambridge

I feel I must make people aware on this site of issues I've had with my camera purchase, as the shop I bought from return prices to this website and all the price comparison sites.

After much deliberation and help on this site, I opted for the Pany GF1 with 20mm lens.

Shopping around I found Campkins in Cambridge to have the best price for my combination plus 3 generations of trading. I liked that whole family run touch, plus the fact they had a physical shop within relative reach of me.

I ordered my bits (costing nearly £700) on 21st Jan 2010. They first told me it was out of stock (which was not mentioned on their site).

February arrived and after a lot of moaning I was told my parcel had been delivered and signed for by ME! I asked for a copy of the signature and it was a blatant forgery. Actually I'm not sure if i can call it that, as it was just my first name.... an eleven year old........ with their left hand.

I provided the shop proof of my real signature and proof that there was nobody in my house at the time of the "delivery". They basically told me that the courier is adamant I signed for it, and that was the end of the matter. Obviously I didn't let it go, and they started their "investigation"...

Now over 6 weeks on, they do not contact me unless I contact them first...They stall me at every step blaming the courier, and telling me they've forwarded my email on etc etc etc

I'm having a nightmare with this company and I just wanted to let you guys know, that my advise would be to take your business ANYWHERE else but to Campkins. They operate on price comparison sites and return prices to dpreview - these are the web addresses I know they operate from

You will notice their company mission statement.. "The customer ALWAYS comes first and we provide expert advice delivering superb after sales care which makes Campkins a little bit different, more importantly we know how to make our customers happy, Excellent Service." Hilarious.

I've actually given up on them and have a mission statement of my own. Show these guys up for what they are all over the internet. I shall also be taking them to court if they don't sort it out.

You have been warned dpreview users!

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