'Modernisation' GH1 Pink Floyd video filmed in Boracay

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Re: Questions for you....
In reply to jjholmes, Mar 3, 2010

Happy to answer, Holmes!

Unwrapping the 60i stream into 24p (as it was recorded by the camera sensor) is absolutely 100% essential but there is no art to it.

On the Mac, the GH1's AVCHD files need to be processed (transcoded) into Apple ProRes LT anyway before I can edit them. I use Voltaic 2.0 to do this and it also de-interlaces the footage from 60i, producing native 24p footage as it was intended by the camera. It is as simple as ticking the box labeled Export As 24p.

I left it going for almost 48hrs.. it's very processor intensive when you have nearly 2 hours of rolling footage from the memory card.

A lot of fuss on other forums like dvxuser has been spoken over the best deinterlacing methods, etc. Well, for me - they're all exactly the same and once I found one which worked I stuck with it. The options for AVCHD are still a bit limited anyway.

I have never been a fan of post processing or 'grading' either, the furthest I get is to make colour shots black and white!!

Whilst I find pixel-peeping footage from new cameras interesting on a technology level, I don't find it artistically helpful, and I think a computer screen is the wrong medium to dissect video on anyway. View the GH1's footage on a good plasma TV and you will be blown away by the colour, detail and dynamic range it offers compared to on a laptops screen.

Trust me, the difference is 10x and you no longer worry about compression or codec issues, which are magnified on a high resolution computer LCD.

jjholmes wrote:

I am trying to figure out if the "much a do" about deinterlacing and "pulling down" is a big deal, or if it is just purists (similar to film junkies) clamoring about the video quality. I do not know much about video and would love to learn but it seems so complex (particularly editing) compared to stills.

One thing I have never been very fond of is developing or post-processing, I enjoy the act of photographing. I do PP but with the least amount of effort possible.

How important is this "unwrapping" of the 60i into 24p (or whatever it is) and what editing software do you recommend? I am a PC and have Sony Vegas Pro. Any thoughts?
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