Do you think customers dictate trends or it's photographers and their equipment?

Started Feb 11, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Do you think customers dictate trends or it's photographers and their equipment?
Feb 11, 2010

Hopefully this post will not turn out as volatile as in some of the other threads on the forum

I've often pondered over why styles change and wondered what the driving force was behind the initial changes. I know as with any business, provision of and meeting the client's needs is undoubtedly the driving force but, is it as simple as that with photography and who or what created the driving force initially? I know enough too, to know that if one doesn't keep with the trends in many instances, one is left behind so, it would be helpful for everyone to know the answer in order to predict future trends and keep up with the pack.

Wedding photography is a prime example of the changes I refer to and has changed considerably in the last 10-15 years with much more inclusion of "reportage" compared to days gone by to the point of almost being a new genre...but is this the result of clients initially actually wanting something different or is it because what was on offer from photographers was changing due to new equipment, improved or even lack of photographic skills as some would suggest? ( the last comment is merely a point to raise and not my personal views so, don't shoot the messenger)

Undoubtedly, equipment ( digital cameras and faster VR lenses, the internet etc ) must have had something to do with it but is it this which dictates changes in styles or is there more to it and are customers leading or following the trends?
Maybe it's the old chicken and egg conundrum!

I'm not confining it to just wedding photography and other genres are also changing/evolving too but, wedding photography is a good example of how things change.
I'd be interested to hear others views!
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