Nikon 70-200 VRII vs. Nikon 80-200 AF-S observations

Started Jan 25, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Nikon 70-200 VRII vs. Nikon 80-200 AF-S observations
Jan 25, 2010

I was smitten with the new 70-200 vrii upon handling the lens. Its fit and finish are first class, in line with my 14-24 and 24-70.... but upon examing the files once returning home i noticed two phenomenon. The first is well documented, the focal length breathing exhibited by the newcomer..... the second was something I did not expect.... the two lenses metered differently. The 80-200 AF-S used a lower ISO (Aperture and Shutter were fixed) but has a darker image... while the new lens has a brighter resulting image but shot at over double the iso of the 80-200 af-s) To my eye it appears the older lens is about a half stop brighter but I'm sure someone much brighter than I will correct my assumption.

Here are the quick images I grabbed :):

Here is the image shot with my 80-200 AF-S at around 145mm, shutter speed of 1/250, aperture of 2.8 and iso of 2200:

here is the "same" image captured with the VRII, 200mm 1/250, 2.8 and Iso 6400!! (PS this lens consistently resulted in a higher iso and brighter image....) VR on:

Just for comparison: Here is a shot of the 80-200 AF-S shot at 200mm, 1/250, 2.8, iso 4000:

The new lens WILL result in a less isolated subject when shooting tight close-ups/head shots. Hope this wasnt toooo confusing/helped!

I am still debating giving up my old 80-200 AF-S due to my shaky hands but am holding off for the time being. PS the 80-200 just had its yearly check up and its sharpness should be representative of a new 80-200 af-s. P.S. i did this for my own knowledge, no one elses, i really do hope it helped but dont try and jump on me for a faulty testing procedures.... as it was designed only to help myself.

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