SSS MLU Test Shots on Tripod CONCLUSIONS?

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Re: Sorry but this a is a perfect example of a useless test and faulty conclusions
In reply to tompower53, Jan 13, 2010

tompower53 wrote:

This test has no significant meaning at all. MLU is not meant to effect sharpness on shots with a long exposure - as your exposure is on this test.

That is the problem with much of the commentary in this thread. People talking about and forming opinion on information that is not even relevant to the subject of vibration induced by mirror slap that will effect sharpness.

Mirror slap induced vibration which is what MLU is all about reducing is only a significant problem in a narrow band of shutter speeds. Not long exposures such as this test or very short exposures.

This is not my opinion but fact that I have picked up over the years by listening to people who actually know what they are talking about regarding this subject.

When you start out with a faulty test it does not matter how hard you analyze the data you end up with incorrect conclusions.
tom power

People respond in kind. If you are rude and obnoxious, you should expect rude responses. The reason I used a longer exposure is because in these threads people were claiming that was a factor.

Yesterday, I tried a similar test with shorter shutter speeds and I'm still not seeing it, however I wasn't happy with the results because other than using a flash I couldn't get enough light to get down to a 1/10 shutter speed, the best I could do was 1". I will wait for this weekend when I can get natural lighting in through the windows to try again with the same positioning to see what happens.

If that doesn't work I guess I'll have to wait for the full moon and hang two chickens over my camera to recreate the circumstances.

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