7D and raw converter problems??

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7D and raw converter problems??
Jan 11, 2010

A couple of months ago after I became aware of the 7D and thinking about and upgrade from the 20D there were references to "mazing", "green channel imbalance", ACR beta problems etc. Occasionally there are still references to these "problems". Firstly, can anyone give a clear indication as to the stautus of these supposed "problems" with a cite?.

Secondly, there seems to be an issue with second party converters when a new body comes out. Now I suppose if Canon or Nikon wanted to they could make it near impossible for a second party converter to converter the raw data. Why I am not sure in the case of Canon since they give the software away as part of the body. Other than data format it doesn't seem like there would be a significant difference in converting a 20D raw file vs a 7D raw file. Of course I am probably totally wrong but I am willing to listen or read in this case why.

This brings me to the next subject. Differences in raw converter performance assuming there are no format issues or secret encoding. The first task of any raw converter is to perform demosaicing. Now there are bocu algorithms to do this. But none of these algorithms depend directly on the sensor type along as it is the basic GRGB CFA. Sensor noise properties can be taken into account in the more sophisticated algorithms. Color manipulation or white balancing can be subjective vs objective. Photograph has long been about subjective color but it is nice to have a calibrated color transformation which should be possible. Applying a tone curve can also be subjective.

The other things that a raw converter can do and do do in some cases is lens correction. Again given a correct data base why should there be a difference.

To me noise reduction is a post converter task but raw coverters have this capability.

Work flow and user interface I believe seems to be the biggest differences in raw converters that users evaluate and choose a converter based on these. But this doesn't produce directly better images.

The reason for this long winded post is to try to understand why some believe that a raw converter can significantly increase say the resolution of details of an image. I will agree that PP (sharpening, noise reduction etc) can improve an image. But the image charcateristics were first recorded by the camera and the information recorded cannot be expanded but it can be reduced .

There have been psots and replies to suggest that somehow the 7D raw conversion is somehow fundementally different from the raw conversion process of say the 20D, 40D or 50D bodies. What say you?
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