GF1 vs GH1 - One has to go

Started Dec 17, 2009 | Discussions thread
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GF1 vs GH1 - One has to go
Dec 17, 2009

Admittedly, this is strictly a useability and operational perspective. I haven't much of a chance to compare PQs between the two. But when I received my GF1 last Monday, I immediately placed my GH1 on ebay. I've lugged my 3 week old GH1 on a recent trip and it had dangled on my neck with the 14-140 while dodging other tourists for a few days. After the last few years of increasing smaller cameras and most P&Ss, the GH1 with the kit lens, immediately made it presence known. It naturally won't fit into my wife's purse, I can't bear to have my smaller kids carry it, I have to make space for it on the restaurant tables (I don't like carrying cases) and otherwise, treated it like a baby. I also got reminded at shows to make sure it's not turned on at any time and I've gotten a few looks like I was a professional :O.

So the GF1/20mm was a surprise, it's practically dimunitive. I immediately set the 14-140 on it and it looked somewhat decently compact still. I didn't like the thumb-operated comp dial as much as the GH1's front dial. The AF/MF is a button/menu option now which I thought was better than the GH1's manual dial. The hotshoe has a combination cover setup which will need to stay on lest the contacts for the EVF gets exposed.

Most importantly, the GF1 was rectangular, shorter and thinner. With the 20mm, it was perfect and fits in the jacket pocket easily. The 20mm with the GH1 looks awkward and almost didn't fit into the same jacket pocket. The batt/handgrip gets snagged up a bit. Oh yeah, the GF1 looks friendly and small enough that I can convince the wife to keep it in her purse.

I don't particularly like neck straps, finding that they get in the way quite a bit. With the GF1/20, I will definitely use a wrist strap, even with the 14-140 on but it has to be a fairly robust strap. A wrist strap with the GH1/20 will look a bit silly and not really possible with the 14-140.

I thought about the recent Xmas party we were at and whether I would have brought the GH1 or GF1 with the 20mm. I concluded that had I had the 20mm at the time, I wouldn't have brought the GH1/20 because it wouldn't have fitted in her purse and I don't really want to carry a camera around in my formal wear. The GF1/20 would have been perfect.

Then the big shoe dropped. It has been bugging me a bit that going from the GH1 to the GF1 would mean losing some features. I can live with the 720p and I find that I don't use the swivel LCD as much as I used to with the Canon Gs, pro90, F707 E.G.

But the big one was the VF. But after getting so used to my last few LCD only cams, the TZs, FZs, I didn't think I would mind not having a VF. After I took a few pics around the house yesterday with the GF1, I find myself really missing the EVF. Then I thought about all the things I would like to do with the new cam and wondered if it will be as rewarding without a VF. BIF, tracking the kids around the playground, the pics of my sons and nieces on the roller coasters, night time long exp pics, moon pics e.g. How easy is that to do with the LCD only? Do I need to plunk down some money for the GF1's EVF gadget and a RDS ? I have some really great shots of my kids on the roller coaster which involved me panning quite a bit. That seemed like it will be a sizeable challenge to do just using the LCD.

I decided to keep the GH1. I took my GH1 off ebay yesterday and listed the GF1 instead.

Hopefully this is helpful to those contemplating the GH1 vs GF1 saga and thanks for reading.

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