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Re: A500 A550 against A700
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I followed the link you provided for the DxO measurements, and I noted that DxO recommends that the following be read BEFORE using their data:

"DxOMark Sensor scale and dxomark.com measurements reflect only the RAW sensor performance of a digital camera. All measurements are performed on the RAW image file BEFORE demosaicing or other processing prior to final image delivery. Dxomark.com does not address such other important criteria as image signal processing, mechanical robustness, ease of use, flexibility, optics quality, value for money, etc"

You seem to be familiar with the site and I wonder if you can answer a question I have about the above statement.

I know that different raw processors alone can yield significantly different results from the same raw data, but what other image signal processing are they alluding to? Is it jpeg processing or some other processing that is done on chip that can affect the final image?

Tuputam wrote:

PierreChris wrote:

Well I notice a change in your opinion, I see and hope that you learn of my remarks about the A300/A350 MP story in the past, I predicted the same for the A500/A550 , that the flagship is not the higher camera bud it is the A500, like it was the A300 at the time, finally my persistent opinion has convince you afterall this time !!!

Even if you are right about A500/A550 (and we don't know yet), you were WRONG about A300 and A350. That we know already. Did you read DK's review? He prefers A350 sensor best for low ISO. He likes it better than A300. That's clearly his preferred senor and for low ISO work, even better than higher model CMOS sensor for low ISO. Also, there is another proof that you were wrong:


What do you see on the above page? What sensor is rated as the 4th best ever in APSC history? Hint: It's not A300/A330

So even if you turn out to be right about A500/A500, you already turned out to be wrong about A300/A350. We know that part.

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