Dare we say we're too proud for this?

Started Nov 21, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Dare we say we're too proud for this?

Hi Guys!

OK, last post then I'm off for a while to shoot, read, practice and read some more.

So, here's the question of the day...

Are we too proud to allow our cameras to go on full auto (the dreaded green square, AKA The Dummy Setting)? I find myself thinking like this more often than not, and I just found out something about the 5D2 that my 40D or 320D didn't do. When I shot in green mode it remains in RAW, where the 10,20,40Ds appear to default to JPG setting.

So, is is "unacceptable" for one to DARE use the dummy setting? I only ask because I tried a few shots with it and the darn thing was metering better, faster and more accurate than I can. It would adjust ISO, Shutter, Aperture in milliseconds.

I hate to feel I'm doing this and probably will default to Av or M mode.. but when times are tough or I'm doing freelance photojournalism work, maybe the dreaded green square is the way to go? After all, we pay big bucks for these modern and advanced devices, why are we (mainly me) too reluctant to use the AUTO mode?

Any advise, comments are most welcome. I'll take no offense .. trust me.

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