G7 - Blotches in images

Started Oct 21, 2009 | Discussions thread
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G7 - Blotches in images

A few months ago I started to notice dark blotches appearing in certain images, usually against a uniform background such as a blue sky. I've included links to a couple of recent examples. Can anyone diagnose the problem?



I emailed Canon about this but they told me to contact one of their repair centres. I was quoted £80 to 'clean the sensor'.

I've a few questions:

Firstly, is it really just the sensor? The blotches look like they could be caused by dust but are out of focus. Surely they would be sharp if the dust was on the sensor itself.

Is this normal for these cameras? The problem first appeared when the camera was only 2 years old. It seems it's going to be rather expensive to do this on a regular basis. The camera has always been kept in a case and I don't recall it being used in particularly dusty conditions.

Has anyone tried to clean the sensor themselves? I've successfully replaced broken LCD screens on Canon cameras before but never attempted anything with the optics.

Thanks for any help.


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