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Canon vs Nikon logic

Started Oct 9, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Canon vs Nikon logic
Oct 9, 2009

First of all, I am a Canon user, I have a 40D and 450D as backup, I have 6 lenses all Canon (10-22, 17-55, 24-105, 70-200 f4 IS, 100-400, 60 macro). I dont have any intention/resources to switch or add to another brand. But I wonder why I dont see some of the basic things Nikon does in Canon.

1) Please correct me if I am wrong. All top models of Nikon use the same AF system, d3x, d3, d700, d300s, d300. But Canon 1d series have their own AF system, 5dmk2 has a different one, now brand new 7d has a new one, XXd have 9 cross type AF so it makes 4 different AF for each line. Why is that? Is Nikon crazy to put its best AF system to all of its top models except the beginner models? Or does Canon has a point here? I am a good reader of these forums and it is so evident that Canon users always needs a compromise to get something, say 5dmk2 has an outstanding IQ, excellent ISO performer but has an old AF and not as good as XXd on sports/wildlife etc. 7D seems a superior AF performer but crop frame, IQ and ISO probably not as good as 5dmk2, etc etc.

2) Flexibility of lenses. Again correct me if I am wrong, all FF Nikon models have an auto DX mode so that they can be used with a DX format lens. So why should I try to get rid of my EF-S lenses if I get a FF Canon? Is there a merit why Canon FF does not have an auto EF-S mode and acts like a cropped sensor camera? Ok, I can use both EF and EF-S lenses on my 40D and 450D but what about the other way?

3) Upgrade path: Why should Canon always renew the sensor by increasing the pixels? I see that Nikon d300s is a more sophisticated version of d300 but the sensor is the same. For instance, I like my 40D a lot, instead of pumping up the 50d 15mp, wouldnt it be nice to also consider, a 40D mkII with same 10mp sensor but having DIGIC IV, 920k lcd, micro-focus calibration etc. So, is every Canon user looking for more and more pixels from Canon? I doubt.

So my bottomline is why Canon users -except 1d users- need to compromise on too many things? I have a 5dmk2 its IQ is excellent but it's AF and fps slow for sports/wildlife... I have a 50d but IQ is lower than 5dmk2, ISO not brillant...I have a 40d, hey it is discont! I have a 7d, it is good but not almost there...I am not saying Nikon users have it all, but it seems to me that the bodies have more common functionalites to share and lens usage is more flexible.

I am happy to learn your comments on this. Perhaps I am wrong, who knows.

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