(re:LX3 fw2.1) If Panasonic will read this...

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(re:LX3 fw2.1) If Panasonic will read this...

then what do you want them to add\change.

I noticed a lot of people complaining about the display that comes up when using the zoom-resume after turning camera on. I totally agree. I think it would be enough and much more practical to see the zoom meter\bar display instead - which will show you where the zoom range was at when it was switched off.

I'm sure Panasonic could manage to stop the self-timer resetting after each photo is taken. And only reset after camera has been turned off.

the useful 'blown highlights' flashing when viewing photos taken needs to be selectable for quick preview mode and playback mode SEPARATELY.

these 3 are more like fixes than improvements.

but on the improvements list i would appreciate a choice of taking a number of pictures after the selftimer is activated.

I am sure we all appreciate that Panasonic are continuing to support the LX3, but we know they are planning to reintroduce their latest firmware around 22 october, so while they are at it what else would you want to be added? (and again be realistic).

ps. I know there are a few current threads with mentions of improvements and complaints about the LX3 with latest fw, but they are interspersed with all sorts of other comments. So I thought it could be useful to Panasonic to have all the improvements\changes we want in a single thread.
You never know, you might be listened to!

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