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Sep 14, 2009

Just a reminder to everyone to ALWAYS check their custom functions before a big shoot, no matter how 100% sure you are that you couldn't possible have one in some dumb position.

So I'm shooting a surfing competition and I want AF expansion on for AI Servo with my 5D2. And OF COURSE it is on. Why in the world would I have ever turned that off? So I'm like why do I need to check my AF settings?!

So I shoot as if it was on, sometimes going a little more for framing than trying to 100% keep it centered exactly as it would need to be in regular mode and I kinda of notice there are some misses and seemeing jumps to the back, so I'm like ahhh maybe it does jump just like the 50D, but I don't recall it doing so even with something tricky like the soccer game I shot. So I think maybe I should check, but then I'm like come on why would I have turned it off.

And I shoot 5/6th of the darn competition, before finally I'm like dude you really needed to check it.... and to me shock and horror.... AF Expansion - DISABLED!

I haven't looked them over yet, I think I still have plenty of good stuff, so I don't really think it is a total disaster or anything, but I'm sure I blew some number more than need have been. And it also means I won't be able to use this shoot as a more detailed comment on 5D2 sports AF performance, which I had been counting on.

Ok, so yeah, don't be dumb!

(and I also posted this to the wrong forum at first too, i think the sunburn fried my brain)

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