Layout. Why must it suck?

Started Aug 30, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Layout. Why must it suck?
Aug 30, 2009

So perhaps I am not the first to say this. But working around Nikons and Olympae has made several shortcomings of my 20D glaringly obvious. The power switch location, and the button layout. Now the E-3 has an equally frustrating power switch location, but the other buttons are all easily distinguished by location/size and how recessed it is or it has a nub on it etc.

Now the first thing i expect to hear is "learn to use you camera" Bull*#$%. But I am extremely adept at learning electronics and often find myself pointing out features on other peoples gear all the time. So it should seem that I would not have to look at the buttons every time. However, after 5 years use, I still do. This is because there are 6 functions mapped to a line of identical buttons in one not-so-easy to reach location. Right next to a barely differentiated back light button. (and it's annoying to find and press only it in the dark as well)

The only logic I can see is Canon's fear of a bunch of longtime users throwing a fit. They put so much effort into coping with the ridiculous layout of the cameras, that they fear learning a new layout. Except , a new layout, if done correctly, would only take several days shooting to master with little conscious effort.

Plus every time I frantically pull my camera out of my bag to catch some fleeting moment, the unreasonably hard to use power switch results in me pulling the camera away from my eye to turn it on, rather than move my index finger 4mm like on a Nikon.

Add this to the layout of the K-7 from Pentax and I am not so jazzed about investing in a new body or more Canon glass.

In Canon's defense, the combo of the multi controler and the control dial rocks for viewing pictures. Cept I have a tiny screen, but that doesn't count.

forward-slash rant

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