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Re: Ah - the facts II...

maiaibing wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Do you actually believe that Kodak TMX is matched by the 6mp Canon 10D? You've got a bit of printing to do if you believe that!

Ehhh? No. But that's not what the graph shows either??

It actually is. TMX is right there at 6 mp on the vertical axis. And I don't believe it represents reality.

When I tested my Mamiya Sekors, I measured up to 90 lppmm on cheap Fomapan B&W film developed in Xtol. That would amount to 28 megapixels' worth or real resolution in 35mm format, and 75 megapixels on the 645 film that I actually shot.

This is of course only with a high contrast test target, and the characteristics of B&W film and images from modern digital sensors are different enough to make such direct comparisons difficult or at least easily misleading.

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