Upgrading from FZ20: FT1 or TZ7?

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RunningTurtle New Member • Posts: 21
Upgrading from FZ20: FT1 or TZ7?

Hi all - first post

Having owned my FZ20 for four years now, I'm in the market for a hybrid pocket camera so I'll be able to shoot both stills and HD videos with one gadget. I'm not a camcorder guy and find them awkward to use and more intrusive than digicams. I am also interested in short clips only so I think a hybrid camera will suit me best. Now here are my questions:

1. Resolution aside - how do TZ1 (or FT1) images compare to each other and to FZ20 in terms of quality?

Has anyone made any similar comparison? I understand FZ20 is almost a relic in terms of resolution and maybe other features, but I'm very biased towards it - A little background so you know about my expectations: I sold my 3 month 450D Canon to a friend recently (I'd bought for a specific project) as I believed it didn't match my FZ20 - at least in terms of "hits" and macro performance. Also I couldn't stand neither the loud mirror slap nor the fact that I had to peer through the tiny viewfinder for every shot AND at eye level - very difficult to compose images and way too many shots out of focus I thought. I tested them both side by side and noticed that images taken by FZ20 were consistently sharper and had better colour rendition. I admit though I was only using the kit lens on 450 (the IS one) and not an L lens. All in all I doubt I'll go the dslr route again.

Now zooming and other features aside, does TZ7 or FT1 match FZ20 in terms of absolute image quality?

2. Will telescopic or folded lenses in TZ7 and FT1 make them different cameras in terms of image quality (for still or video)? I'm more inclined to get the FT1 as it's more compact, but I don't want to sacrifice quality if there is indeed a noticeable difference between the two.

I'm open to other suggestions you might have. Any other camera you think matches or is better than any of these cameras esp for taking HD movie clips?

I'll appreciate your input.

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