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D300 is much easier to operate than a p&s

Started Aug 8, 2009 | Discussions thread
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D300 is much easier to operate than a p&s
Aug 8, 2009

I’m (was) a p&s guy and recently bought a D300. At first I was not sure whether I’d master the cam in a reasonable amount of time. I thought it would take me month of practicing.

So I went out and took some test shots this week on a couple of occasions. And see what … getting photos that are correctly exposed and sharp is way easier than doing that with a p&s. The D300 is almost always spot on.

Compare this to a p&s. My TZ5 has 20 (!!!) scene modes. Each of them has its special advantages and disadvantages and it took me ages to memorize them and get acquainted to them. I mean, what the hell does a “food mode” or a “pet mode” do ? I’m pretty sure hardly any typical p&s buyer will ever read all this. Instead use some “intelligent mode” and get what the cam “guesstimates”.

With my D300 I simply point and shoot in P mode and that’s it. No fuss about focusing, noise, speed, background or whatever. If it were not for size and weight I’d recommend a D300 to beginners simply because of its high success rate.

To push this thought even further, I’m sure with a little thinking one could set up a guide/textbook consisting of no more than 5 basic rules, so every beginner could make perfect photos in terms of exposure and focus. I mean is it really harder to set the aperture to f2 instead of dialing in “portrait mode” ? Or is it more difficult to set the shutter speed to 1/1000 instead of dialing in “sports mode” ?

Final verdict : The more high class a DSLR is the easier it is to operate because of its high quality features. Except for size and weight it’s only a psychological barrier if people prefer p&s over DSLR.

To demonstrate what I mean I’ve compiled a set of typical point & shoot pics. They all were real “no brainers”, so don’t judge for their artistic value … they have none. But from a technical perspective (focus, exposure) they are perfect in terms of p&s/snapshot criteria. Think what a p&s would have done under the same conditions ?

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