FX580 and FX500 touchscreen/control/interface questions

Started Jul 8, 2009 | Discussions thread
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FX580 and FX500 touchscreen/control/interface questions
Jul 8, 2009

I am on my third Canon A610 as my go everywhere all season action compact. It's dying. The FX580 is the first camera in 4 years to come close enough enough in performance and features that I'd consider it over another A610 (not to mention my first non-Canon camera in 10 years). I am a skier. I need to be able to operate with gloves on. 50% of this camera's use will be skiing shots. I need quick controls.

1. Does the touchscreen need the conductivity of skin touch, or is it pressure sensitive so that I can work it with gloves on?

2. Can you adjust the exposure mode with the 4-way or just the touch screen?

3. Can you adjust the exposure settings with the 4-way in addition to the touchscreen?

4. I love how Canon's remember what mode you were using and the settings in that mode. If I have the FX580 in manual mode with burst enabled, and I turn it off, then back on, will it remember to be in manual mode with the last exposure settings I had? Will burst mode stay on or must I renavigate menus each time?

5. With no OVF, how bad is LCD lag when tracking a moving subject?

6. With no OVF, how is LCD visibility in direct sun?

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