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Paul Beeman
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photonut2008 wrote:

Paul Beeman wrote:

Young man I am more then a little dissapointed in your responses. I have been reading this thread with interest...

Sorry to disappoint you. but...

Personally I believe you lost a lot of respect with many on here that have looked up to your posts. There are ways that you can debate and respond with kindness and respect of which you have not.

Earlier after being accused of hysteria and name-calling I checked my replies in this thread, I'm not seeing either beyond calling Chris "quite a piece of work."

You would be good to read again... your responses are all provoking and snide.

Regardless of your views and points whether on a new camera, shooting technique or this debate you can engage and respond with class. Respect takes time to earn and is lost in seconds.

No doubt.

Coming from a wise old man apologies are in order from you.

Wise and old (or young) are relative terms; I'm not going to dispute your use of either of them as far as they are applied to yourself, me, and this discussion. Anyway, who am I supposed to apologize to? Not the OP, because I never insulted him; to Chris? No, I have no apologies for Chris, he is spreading bunk, that's what I called it, and I stand by that. To you? Okay, I'm sorry some (or all) of my replies in this thread offended you.
Anthony Beach

Precisely the expected response... Like I said earlier you had a chance to retain some respect but more snide remarks unfortunately tells everyone, everything about your character. Chris, Nathan and some others discussing this conducted themselves with class and gave you respect where you did not in return. So whether Christian, Agnostict or Atheist it is a sad representation of your character.

Nothing you said offended me again there is a way to conduct and respond without being angry, snide and provoking. Read thru all the responses again and see if you think I am right, my thougts are you will and maybe do the right thing in the future...

Last thing while this thread will soon close and be forgotten about, you carry your character & respect with you.
Just a grandpa learning to shoot

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