Who actually wants Micro Interchangeable Lens Cam?

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Kendall Helmstetter Gelner
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Re: I want one, but not this one.
In reply to Plothole, Jul 2, 2009

Plothole wrote:


50% thinner would make the DP2 body a mere 18mm. That's basically the depth of the hotshoe itself. Maybe he meant the area at the grip, but even then that seems like a slight exaggeration.

The DP-2 is around 25mm at the thinest point. Perhaps they meant to say the EP-1 adds 50% of the DP-1/DP-2 depth.

But whatever. The point remains that DP-2 and E-P1 are radically different beasts inside. The E-P1 has sensor shift and a focal plane shutter.

You've said that a number of times like it's a fixed variable. But if they really, really wanted to put a flash in they too could drop the focal plane shutter. Or even the sensor shift.

I know which I think is more important to consumers... a shifting sensor cannot stop your subjects from shifting the way flash can.

The DP2 apparently isn't very sturdily built either.

Nice cheap shot, like you've ever held one. I can flex a lots of plastic things in my hands, but the DP-1 and DP-2 do not flex at all even if you try. It has the same metal outer body and plastic framing inside that the EP-1 uses. I'd be careful bringing out that "flimsy" brush if I were you or the EP-1 will get tarred with it too.

People need to learn that some plastic components do not have to make for a weak device. I've dropped a DP-1 onto concrete from mid body height a few times now and it just dents slightly, but still works fine...

Because we are not convinced that you could even fit one like on the DP series without making some compromises. Potentially critical ones.

Who is "we"?

The real problem is that as much as you seem convinced it's impossible, the alternative is a camera without a flash. And some flash is far, far better than no flash at all - on a camera that small you are never going to have a "real" flash, so you just need something that's enough to trigger an off-camera strobe or to give you basic fill/catchlight abilities. Even with a good ISO3200 like the DP-2 has, I find sometimes you simply must have a flash and the point of a small camera is that it's just always with you in a pocket - generally no room for a separate flash to tag along.

There was alway the option to expand the EP-1 body a bit more to include a flash as well, but as noted they were on a mission to exactly fit in a retro form factor, damn the consequences.

It's not like it really ended up as a truly pocketable camera anyway, the DP-2 is pretty much the edge of what I can get into a jeans pocket and I can't imagine the extra dimensions of the EP-1 would allow it to fit.

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