They have production body K-7 but w/pre-firmware

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Re: They have production body K-7 but w/pre-firmware
In reply to JohnCPentax, Jun 25, 2009

Hi John,

Sorry to get back so late (eight days!)

My reason for posting the above was written up in the Adorama blog on the K-7 preview, Comments to Stu. Stu asked about camera and firmware with Jacks answer using a Production camera body:

    • What about image quality???

I liked your review. I bought a Pentax K200D in April of 2008 and am a long-time Pentax user. I would have appreciated some qualitative comments about image quality, resolution, noise above ISO 400, and color from your tests. I realize it was a brief test, but these have been areas where the usefulness of a Pentax DSLR has been called into question. Thank you, however, for reporting on the new features. I did enjoy your review. [Editor's Response: We were using a production model of the Pentax K-7 but it was running pre-production firmware, so any hard statements about image quality, etc. including hi-resolution samples are not possible at this time. Stay tuned for updates! Jack]

by Stu in Wisconsin, USA on June 15, 2009

Here is my post with Jack Howard's response:

    • Edit needed?

Hello, thanks for the overview of the Pre-production K-7 body. FYI, in the response to Stu in "What about image quality???" there appears to be a contradiction: Editor's Response: We were using a production model of the Pentax K-7..."thanks for addressing this! [EDITOR'S RESPONSE: Good catch! We meant to write that we were using a PRE-production model.]

by Nic in USA on June 21, 2009

Turned out that I was repeating what was written by Jack Howard, who must be one very busy and tired guy!... sorry it turned out to be a wild goose chase!

And thank you John for the clarification... you are surely one of the good guys (and that goes for Jack Howard too!

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