Focus calibration/accuracy

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Focus calibration/accuracy
Jun 12, 2009


I've got a new D90 on the way. One area of concern is focus calibration. I therefore plan to test this upon arrival.

But I've only ordered a basic kit. First SLR so no other lenses. I may get a 1.8 prime and/or extended zoom over the next year or so. Quite likely these could be from ebay/2nd hand

  • The D90 is hugely popular. There's some reports of calibration but probably not a big %. Whether this is because it isn't usually a problem, or because people aren't fussy I don't know. Is it an endemic issue with this (and all other cameras that don't have fine adjust)

  • I gather Nikon will re-calibrate under warranty. But is this camera warranty only? If I get a 2nd hand lens will they still do it?

  • If they charge for calibration what (approx) is the going rate

  • Anyone know how long Nikon UK take for most of these service calls

  • I understand Nikon does the calibration using diagnostic sw. Does anyone know if the D90 can adjust for individual lenses (even though this feature isn't on the user interface) or if it's just a global setting... ie will calibration for a new lens throw off old settings

I so wish they had the end-user AF adjust just like E620, k20d, d200

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