FZ28: sensor, lens and EZ zoom

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Re: FZ28: sensor, lens and EZ zoom

Neodp wrote:

EZ test recommendations:

Use it and see.


Turn off IS (for tripod tests).


You may want to turn sharpness up (+2) and in "P" mode and check all


The slightest vibrations will change your pixels. Granted, even the
most subtle vibration can be interpreted as a false, EZ, pixel
difference. My tests sets were the same conditions. Please take care
with yours. We don't want false difference reported or shown.

Done (and many others who posted their tests with similar results)

Which bring up a problem with online results posts. How do you know?
You didn't do it. See what I mean? I encourage your own testing.

The problem is, how many results do we need before we will finally see it?

We know the PIXEL count will be the same across the same given and
observed subject (with EZ). That's a given. Different looking pixels
in the same size and spot is what we are looking for. This in a
extreme and really impractical enlargement level. So ironically,
dropping the (outside) mega pixels (for EZ) would not (likely) be a
(resolution) problem for you anyway.

Unless.. you later regret throwing them away (too tight framing for example).

Put a heavy weight hanging under you tripod.

If there's no wind and your gound solid, this really shouldn't be needed.

Be extremely gentle and set at least a 10 second timer to allow
settle down time.


Try low light and another test set in bright light but do the sets in
the same light before it might move (if sun).


Now listen very closely on this:

I think what you will find is that for MANY subjective reasons the
"best looking" level (10 to 3Mpz) will not only depend on how far way
your subject was from the lens AND if the light conditions are low
(which the were fairly low for me) but the manner than you manually
adjust all those picture settings.

In other words, each level has it's best tweak picture settings per
level. If you really want to get deep. You could select your average
target distance and light level (that will be hopefully be most of
your real photography and not just tests) and then note the best
"Picture setting pattern" for each EZ (and non) level. You can make a
small but noticeable improvements on you pictures in this way. That
will of course depend on things such as how big you intend to print
(for example).

Of course, this is all for fast (and faster) Jpeg. Jpeg allows a very
fast drive mode (fast FPS). You can also work with RAW (as we say)
but it will be less instant and no drive mode. Also, no bigger and
instant live view enlargement helps.

Have fun!

And the result was..

..see all earlier threads with their tests.

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