How to get more camera for less money.

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How to get more camera for less money.

Look, we have our cheap skates (like me) and you got you're big spenders who can be first adopters. God bless us all. ...Nothing wrong with that !

Let freedom ring:

I don't have to tell you, It's a free market world (by in large) full of cameras. You can do anything (hopefully good) that you darn well please. Freedom is universally good.

You can start a camera company. You can get your camera at a garage sale. You can buy it at the most expensive store in the world. It's your call. ...Nothing wrong with that. Nothing.

The thing is, I notice they make a camera (and lens) for every task. Well, that's cool too. But, what about affordable and comprehensive cameras? Cameras that manufacturers can put together and it still suffer no GREAT downsides They are (balanced), in most all areas. More capable. Other speciality cams accepted.

What does that have to do with you? Well, the way things are supposed to work is, the consumer is in control. The companies MUST determine what we want and monitor that change. If they should not, they will be forced out of business. Well, what went wrong? What happened?

Also, what business of mine, what you buy anyway? It's not. I buy what I buy and you buy what you buy. Fine. No problems there.

The thing is, why are we, the consumers, not in control? When did we become the camera companies beggars? Why are we not getting the better, that what we want and require? Why are we limited to piece meal, over-priced camera parts for quality? Why are the "systems" stacked against us? Why is the price a breakdown of the total purchase, just so as to make it look less expensive? Why does a whole camera, have to cost more than a body and a lens? Why are the rich subsidising the poor? Where is the better, small camera development? Why is there a massive over-variation in price difference; when it comes to a "pro" camera gear. It's way out of PROportion.

Sure, some things cost more to make. No problem. More costs more. Profits must be made. I got it. Yet 500% more. Come on! Not for what is REALLY a commodity item.

Now hold on, I'm not saying a camera is exactly a hammer. I understand it's a fine instrument. But so is a computer. Even more so. So are other things, much more delicate, technical and precise. Are we saying there's no durability now? Cameras are a mass market product (how many USA cams do you know) and subject to little more, or less quality control than anything else. They do not have quantum mechanics and Nanites running around inside them!

1. Is it, we like to think of our camera so highly that it could never become less expensive for us and as a mass marketed product? Well, they are mass marketed and all over the world. Where the price break? BTW, I know it was recently worse but it's not THAT better.

2. Is it, because all they have to do for a $200 camera is start out a $2500 announced price and drop to $850 to convince us it's never possible to get it for $200 and the manufactures would STILL make a very healthy profit?

3. Is it, because inexpensive things, that make a low-end cameras better compete with expensive cameras, are purposely left out, so not to mess up the high end?

4. Are you higher-end buying guys being taken to the cleaners? I mean, you could make the worlds best hamburger and it still wouldn't be worth $1000. Better quality included. Are you really getting it all?


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