How about separate forums for: 1) Snobs with 5D 2) People with 5D

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Re: How about separate forums for: 1) Snobs with 5D 2) People with 5D
In reply to endus, May 6, 2009

Well said. Since I score 9 out of 9, I must be a snob too. And your second-last paragraph is exactly how I feel too.

endus wrote:

Put me down for the snob forum. Seriously.

I don't really think I'm a snob, but around here you are labeled a
snob if you meet one or more of the following criteria...

a.) You take photographs

b.) You strive to take better photographs

c.) You actually understand the advantages the 5d offers over the XXd
and those advantages actually enhance your photographs rather than
just being conversation pieces illustrating why your camera is better
than some other camera

d.) You don't want to talk about pointless drivel that has never and
will never go anywhere at all

e.) You have ever taken a photography class or studied photography in
any way other than just going out and firing off exposures

f.) You have ever submitted your work to anyone off/online for critique

g.) You take photos, with your $2700 digital body and $1000+ L glass,
of something besides cats and your children

h.) You don't need to ask what lenses to take on a trip because you
already know the answer, because you shoot with them every single

i.) You are tired of people who could not produce a correct exposure
in manual mode, even if they were to try...which they never will

Honestly, though. I am a snob, and I am proud of it. I am not
willing to call everyone with deep enough pockets to buy the gear a
photographer. I am not willing to say that you should buy the best
equipment you can afford even if you have absolutely no idea how to
use it properly. I'm just not.

I am relatively humble about my own work (which may seem surprising
or unbelievable at this point in my post) but I have never been
ashamed to say that I am a better photographer than people who
clearly have no idea what they are doing. If someone knows about
exposure and composition, then I would probably never even want to
compare my work to theirs...but if they don't know what aperture does
or what focal length lens produces what results...then YEA...I am a
d e s o l a t e | m e t r o p o l i s

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