Small sensor, low noise think tank.

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Small sensor, low noise think tank.

I'm putting this under Panasonic; just because the FZ28 is my (current) favourite.

I'm sure you are aware, if we took the FZ28 and put a larger (not just better) sensor into it, it would lose most of it's ultra zoom, compactness and overall COMPREHENSIVE ability due to optics size.

The party line states that "physics" is the brick wall and we shall not pass. We'll I say let's go over, under or around it. The illusive combination of lower noise and smaller size opens up a whole new and better camera era! Combined with other new, total advancements.

Obviously, the GH1 and family is a stab in the better noise direction. It's a good compromise. I like it, but I don't want a removable lens system. It simply positioned (in capability) between (say) the FZ28 and a D60 class camera. These, with widely differing character. Cost wise; with the street price of the FZ28 at $250 USD, and the D60 at about $450 USD (street without telephoto) where does that leave the GH1 or even (already outdated) G1 starter? BTW, the removable lens was a bad choice for the G1 IMHO. Perhaps July will bring pleasant surprises.

Now, I make no bones about it. Perhaps we can get Panasonic to take notice. So here's just an idea:

Why don't we take (Dear Panasonic) the FZ28, put a 6Mpx sensor, the same tiny size, into it and call it a day!!!!! Can you see what I mean? Can you see how physics just got out of the way? Especially with the outstanding (tweaked better) processing; like in the FZ28. Can you see the uproar, greatly overshadowing the mega pixel ignorance? Can you see the glowing reviews? The happy users? The affordable price? KILLER MARKETING! It would work well.

Now, I SEE too much concern over the FZ28 and noise at high ISO. Mainly from people who have paid FAR to much, just to get a nice picture(your choice). But it's not like noise is usually desirable. Yet, WHERE WOULD THE FZ28 NOISE BE AT 6Mpx???????????????????

Why would it cost more to make? Why would it NOT cost less to make and buy? It would be the biggest camera demand of all time! Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee! Really nice IQ. Combined with F2.8 and now low noise, natural light photography would be great!

Dear Panasonic and the rest of you. Please wake up. Look at the stir, that the Fuji F31FD (and pre-family) is STILL causing. Hello! That on an outdated camera.

IMHO, the newest FUJI project is not even better! Mega pixel stuffing has not worked well. I commend workarounds but both are needed. Do you think people are stupid? Even if ignorance has festered, it will not last. All it takes, is one "ewwwwh" and your done. Don't get a Bad reputation. We still hear talk of bad "Panasonic noise" today(on this very forum), due to lesser design quality in past, now older, camera designs.

What are you companies and your designers thinking? Do you really think disposable, lesser quality, tiered ability cameras are going to win mass sales? Where's the quality? YOU CAN DO IT. Why don't you?

Stop trying to make a camera for every price range! Start making the best camera that you can! The companies who make cheaper, "recession designs" now, will be the ones out of business, tomorrow. NOW, is the time to come to the aid of your photographers! Quality will survive. BS walks.

Here, I have covered real total quality, affordability and mass marketing feasibility, as well.


(I'm not yelling. I'm being "passionate")

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I notice Amazon owns DPreview.

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