DIY lens mount weather seal

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DIY lens mount weather seal
Apr 23, 2009

This idea was born out of a post where someone had a weather sealed body, but not a weather sealed lens and the thought was the lens mount would be the weakest link. My idea is to cover that weak link. There are better ways to protect you gear, one being a rain sleeve.

The first caveat is this will "not" work with a lens that has an aperture ring, as you will not be able to manipulate the ring with the O ring in place.

The second caveat is that I am not sure many would want to use this method. I may or may not myself. I am simply offering this up as an idea and if you can make use of it, go for it.

What you need is an O ring that is 2 1/4" outside diameter with a 3/16" cross section. Costs about $1.50. I did not find this at a hardware store. Had to go to specialty screw store.

This photo is to display size relationship only.

Apply/stretch the O ring around barrel of lens, with lens cap on. Will be a little bit of a struggle.

Mount the lens.

Roll the O ring into gap between body and lens. Nice snug fit.

When done, dry off your gear. Dismounting the lens will be a stiffer than normal due to the friction caused by the O ring.

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